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Best Sites Like Swagbucks 2017

It’s been 9 years since I found GPT sites, Swagbucks was one of the first I found, it was easy to use and atleast they paid me, some I found didn’t. But I knew there must be something better out there, so my search continued. I found there were lots of websites like Swagbucks, some called themselves GPT sites and others Rewards Sites but they were essentially the same thing, you complete offers,surveys tasks,watch videos and some have cash back shopping.

The main difference I found in these sites like Swagbucks is how fast they pay and the minimum needed to earn in order to request payment. Some sites like Swagbucks make you wait days to get paid and make you wait until you have $5+ until you can even request a payment. Other sites pay you instantly and only make you earn $1 before requesting payment. This is a huge difference, lets say you want to earn enough to buy that nights dinner, well better not use Swagbucks, you have to earn next Tuesdays dinner today, but on some other sites I found and use, you can literally earn Today’s dinner today.

I still use Swagbucks a little, I consider it a slow earner thats worth spending a little time on to grab some of the easy Swagbucks. But I spend most of my time on the sites that pay me instantly, sometimes I just need the money fast. Also some of these faster paying sites pay you more for the same offers and surveys, these smaller sites don’t have lots of staff to pay and site bandwidth or TV commercials like Swagbucks and they get the offers and surveys from the same place. Listed below are my favorite sites like Swagbucks.

instaGC,com – This website started in 2011 has many similarities to Swagbucks like search and win, surveys, videos, offers and tasks. You can also enter sweepstakes including the free daily sweepstakes. You get paid instantly with a $1 minimum, you can choose PayPal or gift cards. You can also get Bitcoin or direct deposit, The support on this site is really good and fast. Be sure to check out the guides, lots of informative info in the very well written guides. – Launched in 2015 and already paid out over $100,000 to members from all over the world. They pay members instantly and all you need to earn is $1. They even give you 10 cents when you join. The variety of different things to do is great, with 26 Offer Walls, daily surveys, videos and more. You can also get paid in many different ways including PayPal, Bitcoin, Tango Card or Virtual Visa Card. – Opened it’s doors in 2012 and is a really fun site to use. The owner is always in chat and the conversation is always friendly. You get paid same day via PayPal and all you need to earn is $1 to request cash out, you can also get amazon gift codes and you get those instantly.

I have used those three sites for years, they always pay fast, they have great support and never let me down, thanks for visiting my blog, I hope this information helps you.

Best Sites like Swagbucks 2016

Over the years there have been many sites like Swagbucks pop up. Not all of these sites are as good as Swagbucks and some are a complete waste of time. I have joined hundreds of websites similar to Swagbucks but I only use a few , the very best ones. Below I will share with you my favorite sites to make money and gift cards and some information about each one. has become my all time favorite GPT rewards site. You can earn money in the same ways as you can on Swagbucks. The best part is how fast you get paid, it’s instantly. You can choose from over 100 gift card choices or PayPal both sent instantly and you only need $1.00 earned to cash out. is a site like SB that has a real personal touch. You can talk to the owner of the site in the chat box. you can also chat with fellow members and learn tips and tricks to earning more. You get paid via PayPal with a $1 minimum. You get paid the same day you request it. There are also amazon gift cards and other ways to get paid. has many ways to earn that are just like Swagbucks and they even have a few exclusive ways that you will only find on Get-Paid. One of these ways is transcribing business cards. That is where you are shown scans of business cards and you type out the information into a form, it’s super easy to do and the points add up fast. has to have the easiest way to make money through their paid to click section. That is where you just click on a link and view a website for a few seconds and get money added to your account for each one. You can also complete surveys and advertiser offers as well as CrowdFlower tasks and watch videos. They also have an exclusive way to earn called Clix-Grid where you can win money by viewing websites. is great for people in countries that don’t normally have many ways to earn. I see people from China,India,Philippines and many other countries. You can also earn nice money from the USA,UK and Canada. It’s a great site with lots of ways to earn and a great reputation.

If you are in need of more websites that are like Swagbucks, we suggest the list over at it is updated often and only shows quality sites that pay.

Rewards Sites similar to SwagBucks

Greetings my fellow rewards sites users who are looking to earn more cash or gift cards. The first site I used 6 years ago was Swagbucks it was good, I was able to make a dollar or more per day in my spare time, but I wanted more. I started looking for sites like Swagbucks.

I have found many sites similar to Swagbucks over the years. Some sites weren’t worth my time but other sites allowed me to make more money than I ever did on Swagbucks. The website like Swagbucks I make the most money on is It is easier to use than most other rewards sites and it has more earning opportunities. There is even live chat with other members and staff. The gift cards are instant, no wait like Swagbucks. There is even search and win on

I like some other similar to Swagbucks websites like because you can get paid straight to paypal fast and it has a fun community of members in chat. They do bonus stuff and contests too that can make it fun and rewarding.

One of the most popular ways to earn cash on the web like Swagbucks is with and it has World Wide membership. Anyone can make cash on that rewards site. Also for international members I suggest

All of the sites fore mentioned have paid me thousands of dollars, it took time to make that much but it has always been worth my time. These are also all free and easy to join and use. For more quality sites like swagbucks visit

Like Swagbucks

There are many sites like Swagbucks. These sites will pay you cash or gift card codes for doing stuff just like on Swagbucks. Some of these websites will even pay you faster and you can withdraw your cash or prize even faster than Swagbucks.

All of These websites are legitimate Rewards sites that have paid me cash and gift cards many times, they are easy to join and use.

  1. is my favorite site, it has search and win just like Swagbucks. You get your gift codes instantly too and only need to earn $1.00 not $5.00 like Swagbucks.
  2. is another awesome site. You earn points by completing surveys,watching videos,CrowdFlower tasks and advertiser offers. You redeem the points for PayPal cash or amazon codes.
  3. is a rewards site with great support, fast payments,instant amazon codes, daily surveys and more.
  4. is a cool site with fun games,contests,great support and has paid out thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.
  5. has worldwide membership and many paid to click ads where all you have to do is click a link , view a website and earn cash. There is also offer walls that are similar to Swagbucks.

All of the sites mentioned allow you to earn cash or gift codes just like Swagbucks.